The meaning of Samadhi is peace and calm.

At Samadhi Grove we offer a peaceful and calm retreat from the business of life.


Nestled in the hinterland of the Gold Coast on one and a half acres of bush land, Samadhi Grove is a Buddhist Community where everyone is welcome.  From the moment you walk up the foliage lined path and into the Samadhi Grove you instantly feel as though you are at one with nature, far away from the traffic and noise, and instead with the birds and trees. Whether you are wanting to take a silent reprieve, to learn how to meditate or listen to talkings on The Dhamma, Samadhi Grove is a wonderful place to visit and help to further you on your spiritual path.


Ven. Sister Susila is passionate about bringing teachings of  The Buddha to all who are wanting to learn. Her relaxed manner makes listening and learning an enjoyable experience and those who come leave feeling a renewed sense of wellbeing.


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